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We will take you through the arrangements for your wedding from your, your budget, the bouquet, your attendents' flowers, the usher's buttonholes, the church flowers to the reception - discussing colour schemes, flowers, style of arrangements down to the collar for the dog! We love getting to know the bride and understanding exactly what she wants - every one is different, each wedding is special because it reflects the characters of the bride and groom and we try our hardest to deliver the perfect design.

We want you to be able to enjoy the build up to the day without having to worry about the flowers, having "ticked the box" months before and gone over the details weeks before you will be able to rely on us. We will talk to the church wardens about the flowers in the church, arrange the delivery of the bridal flowers, have discussions with the caterers (if there are alot of candles that need lighting or they need extra space on the tables), meet up with the maker of the wedding cake - liasing with everyone involved can be crucial.

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